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It's all about my journey as an autistic visual artist and writer

Here you can find information about The Avoranity Project and how you can support it.


The Avoranitys Project aim to spread awareness about living with Autism and also other conditions, to educate the world and fight stigma and misconceptions. The project is also all about publishing visual art such as comics and comic books, music, videos and writings such as short stories, novels and poetry. The person behind Avoranity is Tricia Johansson, an autistic artist.

I'm making this page because I need some help with my work. On this Carrd-page I would like to collect all the different ways in which you can support me.

Different ways to support me

I appreciate all the ways in which you can support me

Support is very much needed, since I don't have very much money, and I would really love to continue doing what I love. And what I love is releasing music and publish books and visual art, all from an autistic's perspective. The world need awareness and education about Autism.

  • Buy something from my Etsy shop.

  • Donate money on my Ko-fi page.

  • Purchase my printed products on Teespring or Redbubble.

  • Follow me on Instagram.

  • Watch and subscribe to my Youtube.

  • Buy any of my published books.

  • Stream my music on Spotify.

What I do

Here are my creative fields.

  • Visual Art & Illustration: I illustrate books and other stuff.

  • Comic Art: I have several on-going webcomics and working on new comic books!

  • Writing: I write both poetry and stories. I do also write memoirs and inform about living with Autism.

  • Music: I compose my own music and do covers too.

  • Graphic Design: I design workbooks and ebooks with CBT exercises (and other techniques), journaling prompts and self care stuff and more.

Samples of my work


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Thank you!

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